Fitness Friday – Week Two Down, 19 to Go


Here I am, and it is Friday once again. And it’s raining again in Southern California, which makes me feel like I have entered the twilight zone. It’s not so much that I don’t think we need the rain. And it’s not that we haven’t had rainy years before. It’s just that when you go through years of drought, these rain storms feel like an anomaly. But bring it on weather! We can take it.

I, on the other hand, cannot. It’s been a really rough week for me. I’ve had lots of things to balance at work. Whether projects and events to coordinate or multiple training sessions to do while I’m supposed to be somewhere else, this has been quite a week. And then, to top it off, my daughter got sick again. She had months last year where she was having problems with nebulous pains and issues, going from hospital to hospital, doctors office to doctors office, all seeking the one thing that would cure her malady.

She seemed to be turning things around come January as she got a little more strength, and the ability to go out and do things. I was excited when I had the first midweek date with my daughter this year and she was able to walk around without needing to grab my arm. (Usually having her grab my arm or hand would have been welcome, but when it was accompanied by her looking like she needed a walker or a wheel chair, it was rough.) This week, unfortunately, has been a real step back.

I brought soup for her Wednesday evening and she spent a few minutes with me, but she could barely talk and she was in a bit of pain. As a parent we can put up with all kinds of things. We deal with being sick, the child being a walking tornado, or throw-up down the back of your clothes at 3 A.M. after a late night feeding and burping. We learn to put up with chaos and catastrophe. And we learn to develop our flexibility muscles to handle everything. But when our child gets sick or is in pain, that’s when we feel really helpless.

We can comfort them all we want. We can give them hugs, get them soup, cuddle up with them, and cater to their every need; but, ultimately, all we do is sit hour after hour, watching and waiting. And then being a divorced parent it’s almost worse. It’s one thing when you get the chance to be there for your child. It’s another when all you can do is sit and listen from a distance. There are a bunch of shortened telephone calls with my daughter barely being able to speak. It’s awful.

And to top this week off I am coming down with the cold my daughter has apparently. I can handle it, but it will make for a long working weekend. Now where did I put that Zicam?

Oh yeah. It’s Friday and I’m supposed to be blogging about the gym and what I did this week. So gym… yeah gym. Well, I suppose I will go for the good news bad news thing.

I’ll begin with the bad news. I still only went three times this week. And if I am only going to be able to go three times I need to spread them out more and not make it Friday and then Wednesday and Thursday. And I am not really moving on the weight scale either, which probably means I’m not counting calories like I should. But I have begun keeping a bit better track of what I’m eating.

But let’s move to the good news. I have noticed that I am trimming down somewhat. Shirts are fitting slightly better as well as pants. And a friend of mine said, when I hugged her, she definitely felt some upper body development. (Ok maybe she felt like I squeezed too hard on the hug. Don’t judge me! I hadn’t seen her for six months.). Actually she really did say that she could feel that I had been developing up there and I just stood differently. I know it’s only two weeks in but it feels good that the weight lifting is starting to have some effect. Maybe I’m not a total loss at planning a workout routine.

And up until the last two days I was beginning to feel a big burst of energy and accomplish everything that I wanted to physically. I was going to bed slightly earlier, but that is never a bad thing. Early to bed and early to rise, or some such thing.

But the last couple of days have felt like I have been taking the life out of me. I have allergies and I deal with sore throats all the time. And coughing goes along with the territory. That’s never a problem. The problem occurs when you start to get all of those body aches and pains, making you feel 30 years older than you are. Maybe someone should give me my AARP card and get me cheap 55 and over meals at restaurants. Hmmm….

So, despite my condition I am going to set goals for this week. They go as follows:

1)  4 days of workouts this week. (I know it’s not much and was my original goal but it is a 33% increase so there!!!)

2)  List my meals for the week on the Lunch Plate App, not only to keep track of calories, but to go back and review my intake and how I can be healthier.

3)  Get out and do something that is fun for me that will involve actually moving, and not sitting in a chair. (Hiking anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?)

4)  Get myself healthy by next Friday when I have my daughter again. So be better at doing things when I can but giving myself the freedom to rest and recuperate as well.

5)  And last but not least, be positive about the accomplishments and goals that I do fulfill. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I know some of you did it on a pervious page so it isn’t listed here. But you reminded me I needed to focus on the positive changes and accept that not everything changes over night. So thank all of you.

So two weeks in, how are you all doing with your goals for the year? I know it’s really easy to get sidetracked. I’m sure I could easily use this cold as a setback, but I’m not going to let it get to me. I know all of you have things that can sidetrack you as well. Don’t let it! Find time for yourself, or make time for yourself. If you don’t do that for you, you cannot be the best you for those around you. And in the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your weeks and having adventures of your own. I hope to hear some good stories. This is me, signing off again.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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42 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Week Two Down, 19 to Go

  1. I think non-scale victories are more important. If you notice your clothes don’t fit so tight anymore, that’s amazing progress. It doesn’t really matter what the scale says. Last week, I noticed my pants weren’t so tight, although the scale hadn’t moved. My health coach said that meant I was making progress, and she suggested I take measurements. Turns out I dropped an inch and a half off my waistline. Pretty good!


  2. First off, congrats on the decrease in size. People rely on scales far too much, but how clothes fit are as good a feedback as any to judge your gains through exercise.

    If you do find time a struggle to get to the gym, I’d suggest using cardio acceleration to maximise your time there. This is were in between sets of weights, you perform 60 seconds of a cardio based activity.

    It can save 20-30 mins per gym session as there is no down time and no need to hit the treadmill either. I’m a big fan due to my work hours.

    Good luck with your goals this week

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  3. I was sorry to see that your daughter has been having so much trouble over the last year – I know that’s terrifying as a parent, and even more so if you aren’t able to be there all the time to help and … at least WITNESS what’s happening. I hope you get some answers soon, for her sake (and I’m sure for her mother’s sake) and for yours as well.

    In the meantime, between that and being sick, you’ve done an amazing job keeping yourself going, and if you’ve trimmed down without losing weight, it’s likely because you’re trading fat for more muscle mass, which takes up less space even if it weighs the same. If you’re using weights, don’t limit your calories too much – you’ll slice your ability to build lean muscle, and no one wants that! Instead, keep focusing on building muscle and increasing the nutritional quality of what you’re eating – you may lose or even gain weight, but the numbers aren’t nearly as important as the composition.

    I liked that this week you acknowledged the things you felt you were doing right, too. Now you’ll know what to build on.

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    1. Thank you for all of the encouragement. I know it takes time and I can’t get caught up on the numbers right away. The habits that I am developing will show numbers eventually.


  4. First thing, do stay safe! I’ve heard about the rain in Southern California on the news here in the UK yesterday. Second, sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope the doctors figure out what’s needed for healing soon. Third – just keep on going with your fitness goals. It’s such a long, slow process. I’ve been working out 6 days a week and calorie counting since New Year and I’m down 13.7 lbs so far. Getting there! We’ve booked a family holiday in Spain this year so I am aiming for a bikini body. 😉

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    1. Wow that’s awesome! I know it takes time. I have done 6 day a week workouts before. I usually have to work up to that or I give up too quickly. I know once I get to six days a week numbers will move more quickly.

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  5. We really have those weeks sometimes. I hope yiur daughter feels better soon. It’s tough when the kids are the omes who are sick. At least you try your best to workout. Have a good week!

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  6. Awww…i hope your daughter is feeling better now. I love to see such daily stories like this, better than the ones in the news i guess. Stay healthy and keep on the right track. Don’t mind the scale…keep doing what makes you motivated to do, at the end, you’ll feel comfortable with the results. 🙂

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